I was recently talking with a friend who said, “You know, I
need to have guests over to my house more often.” “Why is
that?” I asked. “Because that seems to be the only time I
really clean my house,” she responded.

Isn’t that the truth! Deadlines and commitments https://shakuryukou.com/
have a
wonderful way of forcing us to get things done which have
to be done. It is easy to procrastinate about doing
something when there is no one to hold you accountable.

Think about it!

You may be the worst procrastinator on earth about certain
things like housework or dreaded work projects but chances
are you file your tax return on time ever year.

This is because the federal government has placed a
deadline on filing tax returns and they hold us accountable
if they are not done.

If you want to stop procrastinating in your life try
setting yourself deadlines for projects you have been
putting off and finding ways to hold yourself accountable
for meeting these deadlines.

Here are some ideas of how you can use this strategy to
stop procrastinating at home and in your work.

1. Write it Down.