to Self-publishing E-books” soared to the number one spot as the best-selling non-fiction e-book on Barnes &, later competing with print books and maintaining a top 10 position in the self-publishing category. “How to Hypnotize People and Other Living Things” remained in the top 5 rankings for

hypnotism books on Barnes & for nearly two years, contending with 706 print titles in that niche.

The only marketing tactic employed was the investment of four hours to craft the four articles. This minimal effort yielded significant returns, demonstrating the power of article marketing.
Expanding Reach and Opportunities

Over time, the author expanded their article marketing efforts, submitting over 100 articles to various e-zines. This led to the sale of other e-books, reprint-resale rights, speaking engagements, and consulting services. Additionally, about 20 articles were published in other e-zines and newsletters, potentially opening doors to business opportunities for another two years.
The Underrated Strategy

Despite the changing digital landscape, article marketing remains a highly effective and often underrated strategy for achieving online sales results. Writing for other people’s e-zines and newsletters positions an author as an expert in their field, enhancing their reputation and reach.

An Action Plan for Article Marketing Success
Goal Setting and Execution

The author suggests an ambitious goal: make ten article submissions per day, catching up on weekends if necessary. This consistent effort can lead to increased popularity, revenue, or both.
Finding the Right Platforms