Being a frequent traveler to India and rest of the world, that I have noticed the airline which is carrying you becomes the second home automatically, because you get out of the house or office and check in with the traveling airline that is responsible to take to your desired destination. The airline which is tacking care of yours while traveling for desired destination need to be very friendly as of the services they provide and matching  comfort level as per your choice.

As a frequent traveler one expects the provided services while traveling need to be very flexible and friendly as your own home, so that one don’t have to bother about anything. If it matches as per your choice, the airline crew becomes like family members automatically.×280&!5&btvi=2&fsb=1&dtd=M

I was traveling to one of the city called Hyderabad in India after long time with the airline with whom I use to travel frequently long time back. In between I have been forced to change the airline because of the cost factors, as all the airlines are offering customized services as per their own standards. Every airline offers their best efforts to lucarote the customers to their airlines and services.

The airline I was traveling was Air India and air India is the oldest airline company in our country and serving to the travelers with dedication and tradition as per our country for many years in the past and continue in future too.